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Redefining completions planning

Our completion project, sponsored by Shell and Innovation Norway is progressing, and stakeholders from all over the world are contributing with their experience. See how you can join the project as well at the end of the article. And check out the code on github. Access the whole article and watch our video below.

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Neptune Energy made a discovery in the Norwegian sea. Here is how complex exploration wells can be planned using Pro Well Plan.

Recently Neptune Energy drilled the 6407/8-8 S Calypso well in the Norwegian sea. The well has been drilled using the Deepsea Yantai, a semi-submersible rig up to the depth of 3496 meters in the Garn formation, a sandstone reservoir in the middle and lower Jurassic formation.

6407/8-8 S Calypso is located at ED-50 coordinates of 64° 24'36.9952" N and 7° 31'21.1425" E. The Calypso prospect is located 14 km northwest of the Draugen field and 22 km northeast of the Njord A platform, within the Neptune-operated PL938 License.

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